Monday, January 5, 2009

Social Media Case Study: Elf Yourself 2008

A key to success in interactive and social media is program optimization. In the third year of Elf Yourself, OfficeMax ran a seasonal online marketing campaign that overcame a lot of deficiencies from previous efforts. Better branding and a stronger focus on ROI were two of the biggest improvements.

I am fortunate to work at an interactive and social media company where program optimization is highly valued. The BOSSdev services team conducts a review after the launch of key client projects. This process is led by Jason Waack, our CTO. The knowledge gained is shared throughout our organization; and results in a culture dedicated to continual process improvement.

I have applied this approach to an analysis of this year's Elf Yourself campaign. You can read my take on what was done right and what can be improved at the BOSS|talk blog. I look forward to your feedback and welcome your comments.

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